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Modified Weibull-derived spectrum for deep water significant wave height estimation

The modified Weibull spectrum is utilized to calculate the zeroth spectral moment (mo) using Monte Carlo integration methods. Then significant wave height (Hs) is calculated using the formula Hs = 4akar mo. This is validated with observed buoy data and numerical wave model (WAM) predicted significant wave heights. The Weibull parameters have been calculated using energy densities from observed spectra recorded by DS5 buoy (13.80 derajat N, 82.52 derajat E, depth 3355.48 m) by the method of maximum likelihood (MLE). The relative root mean square error (RRMS) and relative bias error criteria show that modified Weibull spectrum estimated significant wave heights are better than those predicted by WAM model. The monthly averaged observed wave power spectra for the year 2005 recorded by deep water buoy DS5 is considered in this work. The spectra exhibit bimodal sea states for several months of the year.
Rao, A. D. - Personal Name
Muraleedharan, G. - Personal Name
Sinha, Mourani - Personal Name
Dube, S. K. - Personal Name
Latha, G. - Personal Name
Vol. 49 No. 2
(05)528.28 RAO n
Natural Hazards - Journal of the International Society for the Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards
hlm. 199-211