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Deformation Processes in Minerals, Ceramics and Rocks

This monograph has its origins in a two-day meeting with the same title held in London, England in the spring of 1987. The idea for the meeting came from members of the UK Mineral and Rock Physics Group. It was held under the auspices of, and made possible by the generous support of, the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Additional financial assistance was provided by ECC International plc and the Cookson Group plc. The aims of the London meeting were to survey the current state of knowledge about deformation processes in non-metallic materials and to bring together both experts and less experienced Earth scientists and ceramicists who normally had little contact but shared common interests in deformation mechanisms. This monograph has similar aims and, indeed, most of its authors were keynote speakers at the meeting. Consequently, most of the contributions contain a review element in addition to the presentation and discussion of new results. In adopting this format, the editors hope that the monograph will provide a valuable state-of-the-art sourcebook, both to active researchers and also to graduate students just starting in the relevant fields. This book is the first of a new series of monographs published by Unwin Hyman, as part of an arrangement made with the Mineralogical Society through its Publications Manager, Dr David Price. The intention of the series is to address active areas of geological and materials research that are not well cover ed by existing textbooks; a situation that certainly exists for this first topic area. We express our sincere thanks to those who made the book possible. In particular, we thank the authors and other participants in the original very successful meeting, numerous colleagues who kindly assisted us by providing constructive reviews of the papers, the Mineralogical Society and industrial sponsors mentioned above for their financial support, and Roger Jones of Unwin Hyman for his patience and forbearance.


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