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Carbonate Depositional Environment and Platform Morphology of the Wonosari Formation in the Area East of Pacitan

Field observation and laboratory work have been conducted to determine the carbonate facies distribution and to interpret the environment of deposition and platform morphology of the Tertiary limestones of the Wonosari Formation in the east of Pacitan. All samples were then classified based on Jordan classification (1985), and being interpreted their environment of deposition. The Wonosari Formation in the east of Pacitan comprises of coral boundstone facies, foraminifera packstone-wackestone, larger foram packstone, coral-larger foram rudstone, and algal-foraminiferal packstone facies. These facies represent depositional environments of the reef zone or the outer shelf, basin-outer slope and middle-upper slope environments situated to the north of the reef zone, and a back reef-inner shelf environment to the south and west.

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Author(s) Praptisih - Personal Name
Mukti, M. Maruf - Personal Name
Siregar, M. Safei - Personal Name
Supriatna, Nandang - Personal Name
Edition Vol. 15 No. 2
Call Number (05)55:62 LEM r
ISBN/ISSN 0125-9849
Subject(s) Reef facies
Depositional environment
Carbonate platform
Classification (05)55:62
Series Title Riset Geologi dan Pertambangan
GMD Jurnal
Language English
Publisher Pusat Penelitian Geoteknologi LIPI
Publishing Year 2005
Publishing Place Bandung
Collation Hal. 29-38
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