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Nearshore Sediment Dynamics and Sedimentation

This volume contains invited papers, mostly those that were read at a symposium organized by the editors on behalf of the British Geomorphological Research Group and held in the Department of Geography, University of Southampton, on 27 October 1973. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together engineers, mathematicians, physicists, sedimentologists, physical oceanographers and geomorphologists, and to review some of the recent developments in nearshore zone research, particularly studies into sediment and water mass movement, the parameters controlling wave dissipation along the shoreline, the relationship between offshore sediment supply and shoreline equilibrium, and the problems associated with coastal engineering projects. Although many of the papers refer specifically to research around the coast of the British Isles (see frontispiece) the authors have compared their findings and conclusions with those of other workers studying similar problems overseas. Some of the invited papers concentrate mainlyon North American examples. The editors have decided to publish in its original form the discussion on each paper read at the symposium and it is hoped that further dialogue will ensue between reader and contributor once the book is published. Thus every attempt has been made to meet the interests of a large audience, whatever the discipline of the reader may be. The general arrangement of topics represented by the sequence of chapters does not strictly follow the symposium proceedings. Chapters 1 to 4 are basically quantitative and are concerned with nearshore currents, the mechanics of wave motion, including wave energy dissipation at the shoreline, and a comparison of the hydrodynamics of steep and shallow beaches. Chapter 5 considers the latest trends in the application of research to resolve coastal engineering problems within the United Kingdom; beach nourishment schemes are considered in the light of the limitations of more conventional methods used to arrest coastal erosion.


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