Image of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) In Indonesia


Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) In Indonesia

Pulled by gravity, fresh groundwater will come in contact with seawater at the downstream end of its flow system. Most previous work has discussed the shape of the seawater/freshwater interface on the basis of Ghyben-Herzberg’s law. The groundwater, however, will come out to the surface as coastal springs or predicted by the law, the freshwater also can flow out from the bottom of the sea. The event of freshwater flows from the bottom of the sea or submarine is named submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). The analysis shows that the freshwater flows discharges along the interface, even as a submarine springs. Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is now recognized as an important pathway between land and sea. The understanding of SGD will facilitate the development of water resources and the evaluation of environments. This paper reviews the scientific significance of SGD evidence in Indonesia. It is concluded that while the SGD process is essentially ubiquitous in Indonesia coastal areas, the assessment of its characteristic should be made base on geology and hydrogeological condition. SGD estimation has been made in 6 locations, where this kind of research was the first time conducted in Indonesia.


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