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Evaluasi Kandungan Minyak: Batasan Parameter Petrofisika Dalam Formasi Keutapang dan Baong, Sumatera Utara

The major step and the most critical point in exploration drilling are selecting the layers for testing any hydrocarbon content. Along with hydrocarbon indication, calculation of petrophysical data and wellsite geology information are very important for interpretation of hydrocarbon content in the reservoirs. Usually, productive layers are thought to have the water saturation (Sw) ranging 40 to 60 persenrnIn Aru Area, the value of Sw are 60 to 80 persen for Keutapang Formation layers and 60 to 70 persen for Baong Formation layers. However, these layers are still productive because petrophysical parameters such as Rt (True Resistivity), 0 (porosity) and Rw (Water Resistivity) are more sigryficant for hydrocarbon content. In this paper we discuss in detailed limits of petrophysical parameters applied to reservoir rock in Aru Area as well as method of water saturation calculation.
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Hatuwe, H - Personal Name
Vol 9 No 2, 1982
Majalah Geologi Indonesia
Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia
Hal. 58-70